Wednesday, July 18, 2012

thinkin bout you.

yuna: new fav


the timeline.

june 2011
x100 <3

july 2011
rip hedwig

august 2011
Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto
Disney Land, Disney Sea and Universal studios :>
good food, good shopping and good times

september 2011
meet christopher

october 2011
getting use to my new job
usual coffee and cakes on a sunday arvo

21st november 2011
birthday prezzie from my christopher

december 2011
xmas eve dinner
vegetarian indonesian: all home made and packed by my christopher <3

shall cont. 2012 next post :)


Saturday, June 30, 2012

the long story short.

i've decided to come back to blogspot :)
i've done you wrong, sorry i left in the first place.

the past year's happenings in some order:

fasterlouder gigs @ bakery and the bird
free tickets to the vines
x100 <3
rip little hedwig
new job :)
japan and malaysia!
christopher robin
rollicord: birthday pressie
sets on the beach vol.5
death cab for cutie
Mr. wang diego bucket bag rose gold <3
mac book pro <3
its dark outside
usual breakfast, brunches, afternoon coffees, dinners and late night suppers

visuals to follow.