Wednesday, April 3, 2013

land of the rising run [dec to jan]


tokyo :D

let me just say this, we did a lot of eating
oh and walking, lots and lots and lots of walking.
who would have known, the elevator stops operating past 10pm
oh and tonnes of shopping!
tehehehe i had to send home a 10kg parcel addressed to myself C:

yummy vegan food :D in aoyama 
pure cafe

xmas dinner with my brother who lives in tokyo
he found this awesome vegetarian place in shibuya :D
natural sarad bar & seasonal vegetable restaurant
lots of little share foods
maid cafe sweets! so cute!

mt fuji
ghibli museum
vegetable sushi potager
ALL VEGETABLES! C: it was amazing!! must eat place!
vegan healing was closed during the new year period
so we found this place!
last crepe :(

had an amazing time in japan.
hope to visit again soon!


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